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Timekeeper Group Refresher

Jolie IT has developed a custom solution for automatically maintaining your Timekeeper Groups in Oracle EBS R12. This is a generic solution that has been proven to work very well and prevents customers from the tedious job of manually maintaining their Timekeeper Groups in OTL.

How does it work ?

Standard EBS functionality
1. In Oracle HRMS create a Dynamic Assignment Set by the same name as the Timekeeper Group you wish to maintain automatically.
2. Add all dynamic criteria for the Assignment Set on which you want to base your Timekeeper Group. You can use all dynamic criteria that Oracle HRMS provides. This is quite a long list, see list of Assignment Set Criteria.
The most common criteria used, besides Payroll (mandatory), are Organization and Job. You can specify as many criteria as you like however, as long as they are provided by Oracle HRMS.

Custom extension
3. Run custom concurrent program "Refresh Timekeeper Groups". This concurrent program can be scheduled as frequently as you wish. It refreshes all your Timekeeper Groups for which you defined a Dynamic Assignment Set with the same name. All updates to your Timekeeper Groups are handled by using Oracle API's of course, so no hassle with Oracle support, patches and upgrades.

Very simple, very straightforward !

You can order this solution or get more info by sending an email to

When ordered you will get:
- software (wrapped)
- installation manual including usage instructions

Price: EUR 2999,- ex. VAT, no consultancy included


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